30 Amp Twist Lock

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30 Amp Twist Lock

In an industrial environment, there is usually a range of devices that are plugged into a regular electrical outlet; if this device vibrates, you may find that the cord ultimately unplugs itself. In some other situations, if the device is important to operations and you find that it disconnects frequently and is interrupting workflow. A twist lock receptacle would be the right solution in this situation.

What is a twist lock receptacle?

This is an outlet that requires the plug to be twisted into it so that it can be firmly connected and stay in place. Unlike the standard wall receptacle that needs you to push the plug into the holes of the socket in order to make a connection, twist lock receptacles make use of a twisting method with the plug to create a connection.

Benefits of a twist lock receptacle 

A twist lock is very valuable in those environments where the electrical equipment is important to operations, and the plug should not be easily unplugged. Remember that twist lock receptacle should not be used as the means of preventing foot traffic disconnections. When used for this purpose, people may continue tripping over the cord, and this can damage the cord and cause stress.

If you choose a weather-resistant twist lock, it can be useful when the twist lock receptacle is exposed to the elements. This can stop water from entering the connection and causing electrical surges. For instance, when you use a 30 amp twist lock, the plug will not become loose and create exposure of the receptacle holes and prongs and can be used for any application. 

What are the types of devices that use twist lock receptacle? 

Industrial and commercial devices use twist lock receptacles, along with a couple of residential items like generators, and pool pumps. The list of equipment that uses twist lock receptacle to avoid accidental unplugging includes medical equipment, pool pumps, power poles, computer equipment, lighting and sound equipment, generators, and heavy-duty industrial and commercial equipment.

How to select a wire gauge for a twist lock plug

Before wiring a plug, you need to look at its current rating; this is marked on it. If it is rated for 20 amps, the recommended wire is 12 AWG. However, if you have a 30 amp twist lock plug, you need to upgrade to 10 AWG wire. And for a plug rated for 40 amps and 50 amps, jump to 8 AWG and 6 AWG, respectively. These wire gauge specifications apply to both the conventional and twist lock plugs. It is difficult to wrap thicker wires around terminal screws.

The bottom line 

Twist lock receptacles and plugs are used for devices that need to be plugged in always for efficient use. In some industrial settings, you will see twist lock receptacles fixed in the areas that require equipment working at all times.

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30 Amp Twist Lock