Closet Door Repair

Closet Door Repair

Need Your Closet Doors Repaired?

You need to get in and out of your closet every day, many times a day. So if your closet door doesn’t open and close easily, it can frustrate you over and over. But now your closet sticks, jams, tilts and is generally a big problem. A+ Sliding Door Repair provides quick and reliable closet door repair services that will get them to “Slide Like New.

Common Problems with Closet Doors

You likely open and close your closet several times a day. Whether you are looking for an outfit, putting away a few towels, or cleaning up after your children, you want a closet door that closes when you need it to. While it may not seem like much, this repeated use puts a lot of stress on your closet doors. Over time, they break or stop working like the should.


You may also notice these issues:

  • Rollers have worn out and won’t slide like they used to.

  • Doors feel like they are off the track, and need to be dragged or pushed.

  • Frames pull of your mirrored doors, leaving sharp glass edges.

  • You need to apply a lot of force to get the door to open.

  • The door needs to be realigned or leveled.

Our closet door repair service can help you fix any of these problems. We believe in fixing over replacing. So, instead of changing out your entire closet door, costing you more than you need to spend, we work with you to fix it.

Closet Door Repair – Closet Doors that “Slide Like New”

A+ Sliding Door Repair has a proven process that our customers love. With many 5-star reviews under our belt, we are known for providing fast and reliable service.


When it comes to your closet door repair, we have a proven process that we’ll use to identify and fix whatever problems you have.

The A+ Sliding Door Repair Process:

  • Inspect and replace old rollers – your closet door hardware wears out over time. We replace any damaged rollers with quieter nylon ones with heavy duty bearings.

  • Inspection of the top and bottom tracks – we look at your top and bottom tracks to see if they are the issue. Warped or bent tracks are replaced with double-thick aluminum tracks that are designed to last.

  • Fix and sharp edges – aluminum is often used to frame mirror doors. We smooth out and fix any sharp edges, making them safe again.

We Repair All Closet Doors

Each of our closet door repair jobs comes with our A+ One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee. We know what it takes to get your closet doors to “Slide Like New.”

closet sliding door tracks
Your closet door track may be weak and bent from years of use. We’ll replace it with a high quality heavy gauge aluminum track, so your closet doors Slide Like New.

Even though your closet door is broken, it can be fixed. We’ve spent the last 20 years providing closet door repair services to frustrated homeowners like you. The entire process doesn’t take long and often involves replacing specific mechanical parts.

If you’re tired of having a closet door that doesn’t close, that runs off the track, or grinds and scratches as you close it, it’s time to call A+ Sliding Door Repair.

We have been fixing closet doors for over 20 years, and our clients love the service we provide. Give us a call at 702-903-0347, or fill out our contact form, and we’ll provide you an estimate right away.

Don’t let a broken closet door cause you trouble. With one simple phone call, you can get it fixed and sliding again.


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