Sliding Door Repair in Las Vegas/Henderson

Sliding Door Repair in Las Vegas/Henderson

Are you looking for sliding door repair in the Las Vegas/Henderson area? If your sliding patio door, sliding closet door, or sliding pocket door is not working like it should, A+ Sliding Door Repair will send its professional crew to get them back on track.

With over 20 years of making sliding doors “Slide Like New,” we can solve even the most stubborn problems. We serve the communities of Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, Winchester, Enterprise, Spring Valley, Boulder City, or any place around Las Vegas. Let us delight you with our prompt and professional repair of your sliding door problems.

Sliding Door Repair in Las Vegas/Henderson

What Problem Are You Experiencing? We Can Fix It!

As sliding doors age, the wear and tear of regular operation are going to affect how they work. You might begin to hear grinding noises. Doors may become harder to open and close. They may not fit properly anymore, leaving gaps that let out conditioned air or prevent proper latching and locking.

Sliding doors all rely on rollers, axles, and tracks for proper operation. In our hot, desert environment,

  • Dirt, sand, dust, grit, and other contaminants can jam rollers and wear them down
  • lubricants can dry out, leading to stuck rollers and other issues that limit easy opening and closing.
  • Normal settling of your home may also impact sliding door operation by throwing them out of alignment or forcing the frames out of square.

A door that doesn’t operate with ease or close completely can waste energy, be a security problem, prevent you from easily accessing your closets or yard, or be a hazard in an emergency. Don’t suffer from one of these issues any longer.

What Types of Sliding Doors Do We Repair?

If your patio, closet, or pocket doors are giving you problems, we can help. Our experts will quickly determine the cause of your problem. Since we carry a large number of better-than-original quality repair parts, we can get your doors back in top shape on our first visit. Here are the types of doors we repair:

  • Patio doors - Large expanses of glass give you unobstructed views of your yard and patio. Smooth operation lets you come and go with ease. We can repair sliding patio doors made of:

  • Pocket doors - Pocket doors are a perfect solution where a swinging door takes up too much space.

  • Closet doors - Sliding closet doors are the champs at hiding the contents of your closet without taking up space in your room.

Repair or Replacement?

Here at A+ Sliding Door Repair, we think it makes more sense to repair a sliding door if at all possible. Replacement is the solution of last resort for several reasons. First, it is expensive because there is a lot more than meets the eye to ripping out the old door and installing the new one. Second, it takes a lot of time and can be very disruptive inside your home. Third, in some instances, replacing an original sliding door, especially older or designer steel doors, can hurt the aesthetics of your home. All of these assume you can get a qualified and licensed contractor in our busy construction market for your project in the first place

Rather than replace, let us handle your sliding door repair in the Las Vegas/Henderson area. Our guys are the best, and so are our repair parts. It’s our job to make your sliding doors “Slide Like New!

If It Is Supposed To Slide But Doesn’t, Call A+

You know you need sliding door repairs in Las Vegas/Henderson when they become hard to move, make grinding noises, are difficult to latch and lock, don’t line up with their frames correctly, or show signs of warping or deterioration. Don’t suffer from the inconvenience of poorly performing sliding doors. Contact us to request a quote or call us at 702-903-0347 today and let us make your doors Slide Like New.

Now Repairing Sliding Doors In These Areas

Las Vegas/Henderson Area -- Las Vegas, Paradise, Enterprise, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Summerlin South, Sun City, North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Winchester, Whitney, Sunset Park, Henderson, Clark County, Primm, Jean, Roach, Boulder City

Needles/Bullhead City Area -- Needles, Arizona Village, Willow Valley, Mohave Valley, Mesquite Creek, Fort Mohave, Mojave City, Riviera, Bullhead City, Laughlin, Goffs, Golden Shores, Topock, Catfish Paradise, Lake Havasu City.