Las Vegas Sliding Glass Door Repairs

Sliding glass doors are a joy to have when they are in top condition. When they are dysfunctional, however, they can be a source of major pain. With A+ Sliding Door Repair you get unparalleled Las Vegas sliding glass door repairs.

What are the common problems with sliding glass doors?

Sliding glass doors experience problems, depending on the type of materials used. Weather elements easily affect wood sliding doors and can damage the doors dramatically over time. They also tend to warp and twist, causing jamming in various spots.

Vinyl sliding doors produce loud scratching noises when they are old, mainly due to the weight of the door. Unseen bumps or dips along the tracks may also cause the door to bounce or jam. With aluminum sliding glass doors, the bearings and rollers wear down, and the frame corrodes in different parts. Unevenness and dirt on the tracks also make it harder for the door to slide along smoothly.

The main problem we have found with steel doors include loud screeching noises when opening and closing, jamming and requiring a lot of strength just to move them.    

What to expect from our sliding glass door repair service

When you get in touch with us for a same-day repair and replacement service, we immediately get to work to provide you with the best service possible. One of our technicians will provide an in-home consultation, measuring the doors and assessing the type of service needed according to the problem. Our team will then you with a detailed quote stating the scope of work required and the cost of the project.

Once you approve the quote, we immediately schedule a follow-up appointment at a time that is most convenient for you. After we complete the repair or installation job, we properly clean the area and recommend the best ways of taking care of your newly fixed or replaced doors.    

How do you do Las Vegas sliding glass door repairs?

We repair sliding doors by:

  • Replacing old rollers with new heavy-duty ones. Our upgraded replacement rollers feature fully sealed steel bearings which make rolling smooth every time.
  • Inspecting the track for any problems preventing smooth rolling. If there are any dips, scrapes, etc. on the bottom track, we replace it with a stainless steel cap that will have your doors functioning better than before.
  • Readjusting the top track. Over time, the top track may start sagging due to the weight of the door. This makes opening and closing the door harder, a problem we will easily fix for you.
  • Adjusting the door so that it re-aligns with the jamb, closing any gaps letting conditioned air out. We also replace any parts if necessary, ensuring that the locks are aligned and secure when closed.

In most of these circumstances, A+ Sliding Door Repair comes in and rectifies the problem within the same day. Our Las Vegas sliding glass door repairs will successfully solve the problem and allow you to enjoy using your sliding glass door once again.

Las Vegas Sliding Glass Door Repairs