Patio Door Repair

Patio Door Repair

Patio Door Repair

What is wrong with Your door?

Sliding patio doors often don’t age well. When they are just a few years old, they can start to scratch and grind when you move them, not fully close, never completely latch, and generally require far more attention every time you go in and out of your home. The result is that you don’t like to go in and out of that sliding door, and may avoid it altogether. A+ Sliding Door Repair are Patio Door Repair Experts, and the right people to call to fix any mechanical patio door problem. Call us now to fix your patio doors.

Every project we complete comes with our A+ One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee. We stand by our work and will get your patio door to “Slide Like New.”


Is your patio door hard to open or close?

Does your patio door grind or scrape? A patio door that is hard to open or close usually has a problem with the rollers or track. At the bottom of the door is a set of rollers (wheels) that the door is supposed to glide on.

If those rollers stop rolling, they instead drag and grind on the track below the door, flattening the rollers and making them extremely difficult to open.

Grinding rollers can also scrape the track, and make the problem even worse. It’s our customers’ most common patio door problem. If your patio door is hard to open or close,  Call us now to fix your patio doors.

Trying to fix your patio door yourself often makes the problem worse. Greasing the bottom of the door often causes the rollers to collect even more dirt, grime, and hair. Your rollers stop rolling, and your door gets even harder to open and close.

Does your patio door not fully close?

Patio doors that don’t fully close, and that leave a gap at the top or bottom of the door, probably need to be adjusted. Those rollers can be set up or down to help fix that problem, but if your doors are also grinding, the problem could be the track. Even an older house may have sliding patio door problems simply because the foundation has settled. Our patio door repair service can fix this problem. If your patio doors don’t close all the way, Call us now to fix your patio doors.

Does your patio door not latch or lock?

Patio doors that don’t latch or lock are usually also doors that don’t close all the way. If the patio door is tilting towards or away from the door jamb when it’s nearly closed, the “latch” will be too far from the strike or keeper (the pieces on the jamb that it hooks onto), and it won’t grab. Your patio door that doesn’t latch or lock could also be due to a bad or broken latch or lock, which would need to be replaced. We carry all these parts on our trucks, so if your patio doors don’t latch or lock, Call us now to fix your patio doors.

No matter what your patio door mechanical problems are, our patio door repair service can help. A+ Sliding Door Repair can make your door “Slide Like New”.

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What Kind of Sliding Patio Door Do You Have?

What your door is made of effects how it works, the problems it has, and how it gets repaired. We specialize in sliding patio door repair of all kinds, including these…

  • Steel Sliding Doors

    Steel sliding doors are usually very old, and usually very, very heavy. That’s why these doors require special care and special tools to get them to slide like new. Read more about Steel Sliding Door Repair.

  • Aluminum Sliding Doors

    There are thousands of different models of aluminum sliding doors. Some are more durable than others, but all can have problems and require repair. We’re experts at repairing aluminum sliding doors. Read more about Aluminum Sliding Door Repair.

  • Vinyl Sliding Doors

    Your vinyl sliding doors have their own set of problems, including that their frames can get brittle from age and sun. Repairing these doors takes special care and expertise. Read more about Vinyl Sliding Door Repair.

  • Wood Sliding Door Repair

    In addition to all the other mechanical problems common to all sliding doors, wood patio doors can warp or suffer water damage, making them hard to open or close. Read more about Wood Sliding Door Repair.

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Make Your Sliding Patio Doors “Slide Like New”

You’ve suffered long enough with a door that doesn’t open or close easily, close properly, or refuse to latch or lock. No matter what your sliding patio door is made of, or what its problems are, our patio door repair service will make it “Slide Like New”. Call us now at 702-903-0347 to make an appointment.


Now Repairing Sliding Doors In These Areas

Las Vegas/Henderson -- Las Vegas, Paradise, Summerlin, Henderson, Clark County, Primm

Needles/Bullhead City -- Needles, Bullhead City, Laughlin, Lake Havasu City.

Now Repairing Sliding Doors In These Areas

Las Vegas/Henderson Area -- Las Vegas, Paradise, Enterprise, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Summerlin South, Sun City, North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Winchester, Whitney, Sunset Park, Henderson, Clark County, Primm, Jean, Roach, Boulder City

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