Aluminum Sliding Door Repair

Aluminum Sliding Door Repair

Aluminum Sliding Doors

Do you have a difficult time opening and closing your aluminum sliding doors? Do they often get stuck on the track? Have, have you tried to repair your doors by oiling and greasing the wheels yourself? Or, have you started to look at quotes for a new replacement?


STOP what you're doing.


You don't have to fork out thousands of dollars to get a new door. Instead of spending a small fortune and waiting several weeks for a new door to be installed, call us for our aluminum sliding door repair servicesWe, at A+ Sliding Door Repair, can have your aluminum sliding doors "Slide Like New" with just one home visit!

Aluminum Frame Door
Most older aluminum doors have single wheel rollers. We can often replace them with tandem rollers with sealed bearings that will make your door Slide Like New!”

What’s the Deal with Your Aluminum Sliding Doors?

If your house has aluminum sliding doors, it was likely installed in the 60s. This means that it's been in use for over 50 years already! It's no wonder why the bearings and the rollers are starting to wear down, and why your doors are no longer easy to open and close.


Many people try to repair their doors by lubricating the wheels or the tracks. While the lubrication might make the doors slide smoothly the first couple of times, it's NOT a permanent fix. In fact, it will actually make the situation WORSE!


Oil and grease will attract more grime and dirt, which will gum up the rollers and the tracks. If the rollers are flat from years of use, it will also put unnecessary pressure on the tracks, causing them to wear down unevenly. The frame of the door will start to drag on the track. That's the source of those annoying squeaky sounds.

Since your aluminum sliding doors are already quite old, you might have noticed that they:

  • Have bent or dented frames that prevent the rollers from sliding smoothly

  • Are getting stuck and that the rollers won't roll anymore

  • Are beginning to corrode in certain areas

  • Have dirty tracks, which also make it hard for the doors to open and close

  • Have worn down bearings and rollers

  • Are diving or rising in certain areas, which is causing the door to tilt

  • Have uneven tracks, which are causing the locks to misalign and not function properly

Aluminum sliding doors come in unique designs. If you're looking to replace your current doors, you might not find a replacement in the same design or style. Fortunately, aluminum sliding door repair can fix all of these problems.

Your Doors Will “Slide Like New” With Our Aluminum Sliding Door Repair Service

Don't spend a fortune on a new replacement that won't fit in with your home, and will stick out like a sore thumb. You can preserve the architectural design of your home by calling A+ Sliding Door Repair. We have the technical know-how to make your doors "Slide Like New".

We've done hundreds of 
aluminum sliding door repair jobs over the past 20 years, so we're confident that we can fix any problem you have. 

Some of the different ways that we can make your doors "Slide Like New" again include:

  • Adjusting your door, so that it fits properly with the jamb. We'll make sure that there are no more gaps between the tracks and the doors. This ensures that there are no holes for water and cold air to seep into your home.

  • Leveling the tracks and repairing all the dents and dips for a smoother roll. The rollers are less likely to get stuck.

  • Aligning the locking mechanism of the door with the frames, so that they fit properly. We can also replace old locks with newer, more secure ones.

  • Replacing your old rollers and bearings with higher quality ones. The rollers and bearings we use are heavy-duty and provide a smoother and longer-lasting roll.

Replacement Rollers
We carry a variety of all-steel rollers with sealed bearings on our trucks for almost any sliding door repair.

With just one home visit, we can have your aluminum sliding doors gliding smoothly on the tracks. It'll be as if they're new! Gone are the days when you actively avoid going to the patio or the yard. You won't have to put down what's in your hand and struggle with the doors anymore. They’ll open and close with ease!

The experts at A+ Sliding Door Repair have helped many homeowners, landlords and property owners in Southern California. We can restore and repair almost any aluminum sliding doors at a fraction of what it would cost to install a new one. 

Give us a call today at 702-903-0347 or contact us for more information. We'll get back to you in no time, and have your doors "Slide Like New" once again.

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