Steel Sliding Door Repair

Steel Sliding Door Repair

There’s no faster way to finally be able to go in and out of your home through your sliding patio doors. Replacing your doors would cost thousands of dollars and takes weeks if not months to complete. But with just one visit from A+ Sliding Door Repair, your steel sliding patio doors will “Slide Like New".

Steel Sliding Door Problems

Are your steel sliding doors harder to open and close than they should be? Have you been told that they are difficult or impossible to repair? Are you thinking that it’s time to simply replace these old, heavy, hard-to-move doors?


Stop! Don’t do it.


These steel patio doors are an important part of your vintage home. Instead of replacing them, call us for our steel sliding door repair service.

When steel doors do not lift out due to settling of house we can notch the lower frame rail and install rollers that way. We then cover the notches with a strip of quick trim which will be virtually invisible.

What is Wrong With Your Steel Sliding Doors?

Your steel sliding doors were likely built in the 50’s and 60’s. That makes them almost 70 years old. Your doors are not only old, but they’re very heavy, often with a huge quarter-inch glass plate that adds to their weight. All that weight, combined with the aging of your home, has stressed the moving parts of your patio door so they no longer slide like they used to.

The rollers grind down. The bearings get clogged with dirt, hair and grime. Because the rollers no longer roll, each time you open or close the door, you grind one side of the rollers down. As you drag the door, the flat “rollers” then scrape and wear down the track, which creates a rough surface that grinds down the rollers even more.

No wonder your steel sliding doors are hard to open!

The bottom line is that now your steel patio doors…

  • Need to be opened with a hard tug, often with two hands (and all your body weight).

  • Make a horrible noise when opening or closing.

  • Get stuck in one or several spots.

  • Have a gap between the door and jamb when the door is closed, either at the top or bottom.

  • Let outside air and/or water into your home.

  • Locks no longer latch.

Steel Sliding Door Repair So Your Doors “Slide Like New”

Just call A+ Sliding Door Repair and we’ll make your door “Slide Like New.” We are experts at steel sliding door repair because we’ve been doing sliding patio door repair for over 20 years. You will finally be able to open or close your door with just a couple of fingertips in no time. We also are experts in wood sliding door repair, aluminum sliding door repair, and vinyl sliding door repair. When a steel door does not lift out due to the settling of a house, we can notch the lower frame rail and install rollers that way. And then cover the notches with a strip of quick trim.


Here’s how we do it…

  • We replace the old rollers with new heavy-duty rollers, each one upgraded with fully sealed steel bearings, ensuring a smooth roll every time.

  • We inspect the bottom track for dips, scrapes and other problems. And if there’s a problem, we’ll replace the track with a new stainless steel cap so your new rollers have a smooth surface to glide on.

  • We will check the top track to see if it has sagged over time. Your door may be hard to open or close because the bottom or top outer frame is squeezing the door frame. We can fix that.

  • We will adjust your door so that it closes evenly with the jamb, eliminating any gaps at the top or bottom that can let comfortable air leak out.

  • We will check your door locks for alignment, and replace the parts if necessary, so you know that your door is secure when closed.

If you’re ready to finally enjoy your yard, patio, or deck again, get your steel sliding doors repaired by A+ Sliding Door Repair. Our expert team has helped thousands of Southern California homeowners enjoy their homes again. We also work with landlords and property managers with multi-family homes and apartment buildings.

There’s almost no sliding door we can’t fix. And every project we complete comes with our A+ One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee. We stand by our work and will get your patio door to “Slide Like New.”

Call A+ Sliding Door Repair today at 702-903-0347 or contact us for more information. We’ll get your steel sliding door repaired and have it “Slide Like New” in no time!

Now Repairing Sliding Doors In These Areas

Las Vegas/Henderson Area -- Las Vegas, Paradise, Enterprise, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Summerlin South, Sun City, North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Winchester, Whitney, Sunset Park, Henderson, Clark County, Primm, Jean, Roach, Boulder City

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Now Repairing Sliding Doors In These Areas

Las Vegas/Henderson -- Las Vegas, Paradise, Summerlin, Henderson, Clark County, Primm

Needles/Bullhead City -- Needles, Bullhead City, Laughlin, Lake Havasu City.