Vinyl Sliding Door Repair

Vinyl Sliding Door Repair

Vinyl Sliding Doors In Your Home?

You love everything about your home, except that tricky vinyl patio door that just won’t slide. The quick fixes didn’t work either. The track you lined with oil only seems to slide harder and slower now. At this point, you just want your patio door to open...and close...smoothly. A+ Sliding Door Repair can fix that patio door for you. We offer a complete vinyl sliding door repair service that will get your patio door to “Slide Like New.”

vinyl sliding door repair service

Here’s what you need to know.

Vinyl patio doors are common, but there’s a major problem with them. They just aren’t as durable as the classic steel and aluminum patio doors. This doesn’t mean they don’t work, or that they don’t look good. It’s just that the rollers, bearings and tracks are usually of a lower quality. Still, there’s hope for your patio door. Whatever you do, don’t replace the door. We can easily make your current door “Slide Like New.”

Common Problems with Vinyl Sliding Doors

A lot can go wrong with your vinyl patio doors after being opened and closed for many years. All that wear and tear takes its toll. There’s even the possibility that your patio doors weren’t installed right when they were put in. This means right from the start they may have been leaning to the side, angled forward, or came bent straight from the manufacturer.


You may also have these problems with your vinyl sliding door:

  • The doors feel heavy and won’t roll along the track.

  • Every time you open and close them, you hear loud scratching noises.

  • Doors bounce or jam along the track on small unseen bumps or dips.

  • They no longer close at the top or bottom, leaving a small unwanted gap.

  • A/C air is seeping out in the summer, cold air seeps in during the winter.

  • Door latches no longer lock because the doors are uneven.

But there’s still hope for your vinyl patio doors.

It may seem easier to try and repair them yourself, but that is not likely to go well.

Vinyl patio doors are difficult to repair, and even the smallest mistake can break the door and send you running out to buy a new set of patio doors. Unlike other kinds of doors, vinyl doesn’t leave a lot of room for error.

All of these issues can easily be fixed with our vinyl sliding door repair service. If you find yourself getting angry at your broken patio doors, take a deep breath, and call us. We can easily fix these common problems.

Vinyl Sliding Door Repair so They Will “Slide Like New”

A+ Sliding Door Repair specializes in vinyl sliding door repair. For over 20 years, we’ve been fixing patio doors for our clients. Why replace what you can fix? There’s no need to replace your vinyl doors if they can be fixed. We’ve repaired thousands of vinyl patio doors over the past 20 years.

The A+ Sliding Door Repair Process:

  • Inspect and replace old rollers – old rollers are taken out and new ones are installed, always with sealed bearings that resist dirt and grime.

  • Inspection of the top and bottom tracks – the top and bottom tracks are assessed for warps, unevenness, and other common issues. Sometimes the track can be trimmed to fix it, other times a new stainless steel rail or cap will be installed.

  • Align the door – vinyl tends to need adjustment more than any other type of patio door. We correct mistakes that were made during installation.

  • Repair the latch and lock – you deserve a safe home. All door latches are fixed and made to close and lock properly.

New Roller Replacement
Your door may not be sliding because your old rollers are grimy and covered with grease, dirt and hair. We’ll replace your old rollers with solid steel rollers with sealed bearings that will make your door Slide Like New.

We Can Repair Your Vinyl Sliding Door

Stop stressing about your vinyl patio door. You already have enough to worry about, your patio door shouldn’t be one of those things.

Call A+ Sliding Door Repair and ask for our vinyl sliding door repair service.

Take advantage of our 20 years of experience fixing all types of patio doors. We are experts in steel sliding door repair, aluminum sliding door repair, and wood sliding door repair.

Every project we complete comes with our A+ One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee. We stand by our work and will get your patio door to “Slide Like New.”

vinyl sliding door repair service
Don’t let your hard-to-open sliding door prevent you from enjoying your backyard. Call A+ Sliding Door Repair now and enjoy your yard tonight!”

A perfectly functional patio door is just a phone call away. Call A+ Sliding Door Repair today for our vinyl sliding door repair service at 702-903-0347, or contact us here. We fix all types of patio doors. All you have to do is call us and talk about your project, and we’ll give you an estimate over the phone.

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