Wood Sliding Door Repair

Wood Sliding Door Repair

Wood Sliding Doors

Whether your home is rustic, modern, or contemporary, you just want to get your wooden patio doors sliding again. Those doors look beautiful, have been a part of your home for decades, and the last thing you want to do is replace them. You’ve tried your best to make them work, but they just aren’t sliding like they used to. The constant tugging and pulling on your doors is frustrating. Now you’re looking for a qualified wood sliding door repair company who you know will make your doors “Slide like New”.


Great choice.

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Replacing your wood patio doors will cost you thousands, and matching the style and finish would be next to impossible. You’ll never find a set of wooden patio doors like the ones that you currently have.

That’s where A+ Sliding Door Repair can help you. As a full-service wood sliding door repair company, we’ve got the expertise to get your doors to “Slide Like New”

Common Problems with Wood Sliding Doors

Wood is no doubt a durable material. But just like anything, it does wear down over time. Wood is heavy and your tracks, ball bearings, and frame take a beating over time sliding those heavy doors. In most cases, your wooden patio door is fine, it’s the mechanical parts that need to be replaced.


You may also notice have these problems with your wood sliding doors:

  • Rollers are worn down and making a loud scraping or grinding noise as you drag them open or closed.

  • Damage from weather. Wood is highly susceptible to the elements.

  • Doors not shutting properly because of warping or twisting.

  • The doors seem to get stuck in one or several spots.

  • Locks and latches no longer secure the door.

You may have tried to repair the door on your own, only to find that the repairs didn’t last or didn’t work at all. To get your patio door sliding again, to seal those gaps, or to align it properly, you need an expert...

...you need a wood sliding door repair company like A+ Sliding Door Repair.

Wood Sliding Door Repair – A Quick Fix and They’ll “Slide Like New”

They just don’t make wood sliding patio doors like they used to. Replacing them should always be your last option. In most situations, we can easily fix whatever issues you are experiencing. Most problems stem from the mechanical parts that make your door slide.


Keep this in mind…


If you replace your wooden patio doors with a newer vinyl or aluminum version, don’t expect the same quality. Newer patio doors aren’t usually as durable.


A+ Sliding Door Repair has been fixing wooden patio doors for over 20 years. We understand the common problems, how to fix them, and how to provide you with great service.

The A+ Sliding Door Repair Process:

  • Inspect mechanical parts – old mechanical parts like your rollers are checked and bearings are upgraded to get your patio doors sliding again.

  • Top and bottom track are checked – both tracks are inspected for any bends and warps. A new track rail or cap can be installed if needed.

  • Shave or trim the door – wood changes over time. The door will be shaved or trimmed as needed to make it fit your door frame and track.

  • Align the door – the door is properly aligned for your track.

  • Repair door locks and latches – we improve your security by getting those broken locks to latch once again.

wood sliding door repair
We carefully remove your wood sliding door, inspect and service your rollers, then carefully re-install the door. All this to make your wood sliding door Slide Like New!

Do you have a unique problem? We’d love to hear about it and get it fixed. Get in touch with us today.

We Fix Them All

It’s time we make your wooden patio open and close easily again. In most cases, a simple repair on the mechanical parts will get them sliding. Whatever you do, don’t replace those timeless wooden patio doors without at least getting them checked out.

A+ Sliding Door Repair has been fixing sliding patio doors for over 20 years. We also are experts in steel sliding door repair, aluminum sliding door repair, and vinyl sliding door repair.

Looking for a little more? We stand by our work. Every single project we complete comes with our A+ One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee.

A perfectly functional patio door is just a phone call away. Call A+ Sliding Door Repair today for our vinyl sliding door repair service at 702-903-0347, or contact us here. We fix all types of patio doors. All you have to do is call us and talk about your project, and we’ll give you an estimate over the phone.

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